Ahamed Seguya Memorial Technical Institute (ASMTI) is a government-aided Technical institution established in 1989 in memory of one of the first commanders of the National Resistance Army to cater for the technical skills to those who do not join higher academics from primary level, Ordinary level, Advanced level and those coming from university but need some technical skills to do their jobs. ASMTI is located in Kamuli- Kangulumira – KayungaDistrict.

Training is both formal and nonformal. Formal:-ASMTI  admits O’level leavers in preparation for award of the national  UBTEB  certificate or DIT  level  1 and 2.  ASMTI also admits  Primary 7  leavers in preparation for a  3 year Uganda Community Polytechnic Certificate (UCPC) certificate . For non-formal training:- ASMTI admits all those interested in skills training. These are assessed by the Directorate of Industrial Training ( DIT) or by ASMTI and awarded a certificate of attendance.

Mandate of ASMTI

The mandate of Ahamed Seguya Memorial Technical is to offer relevant high-quality technical skills knowledge and attitudes in line with the government policy so as to ensure that its graduates are of world-class standards. Its mandate is derived from BTVET objectives. These objectives are;

  • Make BTVET relevant to productivity development and economic growth
  • Increase the quality of skills provision.
  • Increase equitable access to skills development
  • Improve the effectiveness in BTVET management and organization.
  • Increase internal efficiency and resources available to BTVET.